Born in the City of New York to Tommy and Yvonne Thompson, Cedric was a "Special Child". His parents were a Trendy - Up and Coming Couple that frequented the Harlem and East Village Social Scenes. Tommy was a young dashing waiter for the Warldorf Astoria Hotel, serving the Wealthiest of that Day. Yvonne was a Career Woman and Model who enjoyed Custom Tailored Clothing and the Social Scene. Fashion and The Arts were the Fair for the Young Couple and their only son Cedric. No matter of the event young Cedric was always in tow, dressed in the latest and absorbing everything.

At the dinner table there were discussions by Cedric's father of the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, those whom he served and interacted with. The Dupont's, Rockefeller's and Rothschild's only to name a few. There was always a sense of Royalty, Dignity and Importance in the air. Young Cedric knew that there was something special about him and he was destined for success. Flying across country alone as a child as early as six years old, dressed in a suit from Saks Fifth Avenue was Yvonne's way of teaching young Cedric independence and allowing him to see the World from a different perspective.

Saturday's were always a special for young Cedric and his Father outings to Radio City Music Hall, the Broadway Theater and Central Park were was the norm. His father nicknamed him the Admiral and himself the Commodore to instill a sense of esteem and inportance. They were middle class in reality, but the atmosphere that Cedric's parents set, was that of the "Royal Family" and why not. Who said you can't dream and aspire big

Excerpts from Governor Cedric's Book.... "Lesson's from my Father".


Those Early Memories, Special Moments and Aspirations have followed Cedric all of his life and are manifesting today through the help and strength of His Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Art and Spirit of "Royal Service" was Inherited from His Father and Cultivated by God. To Serve Humanity with Dignity and Honor with the Spirit of Excellence is His Mission in Life.

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