Leadership Training, Motivational Lectures , Company Protocol and Customer Service are just a few areas covered by Governor Cedric and his Team of Consultants. In today's Corporate Environment the lack of Employee Motivation, Non adherence to Protocol and Poor Customer Service, will eventually show up in the Companies' Bottom Line. Our Trainers, Lecturers and Facilitators have years of combined experience both in Corporate and the Faith Based Communities unlike most Conventional Consulting Firms.

Our solutions are very diversified and a program can be tailored to the needs of you the client. In addition our Fee Structure, differs from the typical Corporate Consultant, where as we work on a sliding scale based on the Size and Budget of the Organization.

Faith Based and Non for Profit

Due to the diverse backgrounds of our consultants we can best serve the need of the faith Based Organization or non For Profit. Our Consulting Packages and programs cover areas such as Fund Raising, Church Growth strategy, Technology, Media and Marketing. We offer the Latest and Cost Efficient Solutions to keep the Ministry or Organization in the Black, even in today's rocky economy.

Churches and Faith based Organizations must not take a Business as usual approach to Fund Raising, Solicitation, Growth and Media as in the past. With Strategic, Cost Effective (Bootstrapping Solutions) implementing the Latest Technology the Ministry can Prosper and Grow.

Our Sliding Scale Fee structure applies for the Faith Based Community as well. We will take it one step further by selecting One Ministry a Month that displays a willingness to grow and but lacks the budget .... we will do a Consultation Free of Charge.

We believe in the importance of giving back and it shows.


We will be launching in the Fall of 2012 the First in a Series of Marketing and Technology Seminars. These are designed not only to take the Church to the next level, but to assists in repositioning itself to "Meet the Needs of an Ever Changing World".

Some of the Topics covered, are as follows.

Fund Raising:
Strategy. Letter Campaigns. Conference calls. Events. Call to Action Strategies.

TV. Radio. Print. Direct Mail. Email Blasts. Demographics. Targeting.

Streaming Media:
Live and Archived. Video. Audio.

Web Based Solutions:
The Virtual Church. Websites. Blogs. Social Communities.

Productivity Software and Database Solutions.


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