One of the greatest needs in the Body of Christ is what I'm labeling as Governmental Grace...the ability to Gracefully Govern, Organize and without wicked motive maintaining the Kingdom's Royalty. Cedric Thompson, aka - The Governor, not only embodies these attributes, but he does it with Honor, Class and Integrity. He's a man of his word and is Prophetically insistent on completing his assignment. Listen to me with your God ear; you will not go wrong in your collaboration with Governor Cedric if you are interested in real Kingdom advance.

Apostle/Prophet B. Dwayne Hardin
Founder of Kingdom Embassy Churches and Millennium Masters, Inc.


Governor Cedric is one of the premier experts today in Governmental Order. My experience with him is not simply pleasant but mind expanding. He eats and sleeps the Technology of Order and Kingdom Acceleration. Simply tell him your vision and by the time you're a third finished he will tell you the rest, not only that but it will be laced with the wisdom you will need to implement the next steps in your advance. I've never known him to not keep his word...Integrity is extremely important to him, and this is important in all our Kingdom Affairs. If my comments count for anything, you need to work with the Governor...Kingdom Blessings!

Apostle/Prophet B. Dwayne Hardin
Founder of Kingdom Embassy Churches and Millennium Masters, Inc.

Cedric Thompson aka Governor Cedric is not only a brilliant Businessman but a Man after the Heart of God. In my initial introduction to the Governor, He made such an impact on my life. He immediately zeroed in on the purposes of God with wisdom on how I could carry my Assignments out with Success. There was no selfishness or a hidden agenda in His Wisdom. The Body of Christ and the World are Blessed to have this Man of God in the Earth.

TV Host, Author and Lecturer
Debra D. Winans

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Master Governor Cedric for the Workshops and Seminars conducted at our Ministry. They truly Revolutionized the Infrastructure of our Leadership. Your dedication to spreading the Spirit of Excellence to God's People is to be greatly admired as well as appreciated. You are truly a gift to the Kingdom!

Apostle Lionel and Pastor Kim Parsons
New Harvest Family Worship Center
Philadelphia, Pa.



To Whom It May Concern:

I am honored to write this letter of endorsement for Mr. Cedric Thompson. In truth, I am not sure I can adequately express how grateful I am for all that Mr. Thompson has done in my life, and for the many times he has changed its very direction.

I met Mr. Thompson when I was eighteen years old. I was living in California then, chasing the dream of starting a business during the day, while I was bagging groceries at a local grocery store during the night. Mr. Thompson was very generous with his advice — as he helped me navigate those turbulent waters. Mr. Thompson took many hours of his day to council me over the phone on matters pertaining business and life. Seeing something in me I couldn’t see in myself then, he advised me to go back to school. At the time, although going to school was something I wanted to do, it wasn’t in my immediate plans. I am glad I did so. With Mr. Thompson’s continued guidance, I was able to graduate top of my class with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of South Carolina and subsequently attend Harvard University for a Master’s degree in an interdisciplinary field of neuroscience, psychology, and education practice. I now teach at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, facilitate thesis workshops for Harvard University seniors as part of the Mind, Brain, and Behavior interfaculty initiative, and direct the Brain and Cognitive Sciences initiative at the Future Society within the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Mr. Thompson’s influence is, without a doubt, reflected in each of those undertakings.

As get ready to go to Stanford University for my Ph.D. in the Fall of this year, I cannot help but be infinitely grateful for the assistance that Mr. Thompson has given me along the way. Through the good and the bad, and without ever asking me for anything in return but for me to pay it forward to others, Mr. Thompson has been that friendly confidant in whom I can trust and also always count on for advice — as Mr. Thompson has a special gift for seeing through the fog and delivering surgical ones. Mr. Thompson is a man of utmost integrity.

It would be an understatement to say I simply endorse Mr. Thompson. He has changed my life many times over and and for that I will forever be grateful. Do not hesitate to contact me at pedro_de_abreu@mail.harvard.edu should you have any questions.

Pedro De Abreu.

Pedro De Abreu
Harvard Graduate School of Education, Teaching Fellow Future Society, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Director for Brain and Cognitive Sciences


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